5 Sublimation Gifts for Teens

Teens can be tough to get holiday gifts for. Gift cards are practical but, let's be honest, they are boring!

5 Sublimation Gifts for Teens Blog from Single J's Sublimation

Here are 5 sublimation gift ideas for teens that are NOT boring and will put you at "Rockstar" status with your favorite teens. 

  1. Personalized Tumbler or Water Bottle - Sub a tumbler with their favorite hobby or sport. Add photos of them with their friends or the ultimate teen sassy quote. Keep them hydrated, smiling, and feeling loved. Links to tumblers and water bottles.
  2. Custom Design Notebook - For the teen who isn't 100% digital, a hold it in your hands and flip through the pages notebook is a great gift. If they love to doodle or art, sublimate art related graphics. You can find a creative way to add their name, hobbies, and more. It can become a treasured gift that they keep always. Link to notebooks
  3. Money Holder Ornament - Yes, it is to give them money, not unlike a gift card but a money holder ornament can be completely customized to be as funny or sentimental as you want so it's not just a gift card. It is also an ornament they can keep and smile about when they see it on the tree. Link to money holder ornaments.
  4. Faux Bleach Sweatshirt or Hoodie - Faux bleach has been the rage in one way, shape, or another for years. Now it is ready to sublimate so no need for messy bleach projects to create your own. Add a graphic with a funny, sassy, sarcastic quote or their latest obsession and they will be over the moon. Not only that but you will know they are warm since they are too cool to wear a coat in winter. Link to faux bleach sweatshirts and hoodies
  5. Last but not least, make them a blanket. You can get a panel blanket and add their photos from over the years. A nice sentimental and embarassing blanket they will keep forever. Add photos of them doing their sport or hobby; another keepsake. Fill the panels with words of wisdom (or sass) to support them through the good times and the challenging times that life brings. Link to blankets

Be creative! They will love what you make for them, even if they roll their eyes.