7 Personalized Sublimation Gift Ideas for Kids

7 Personalized Sublimation Gift Ideas for Kids Blog


Personalized gifts. for kids are trendy year round. Tshirts, drinkware, etc are alway popular. Here are some other fun sublimation ideas to make "next level" personalized gifts. 

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Personalized Pajamas - Pj's are a fun way to celebrate a kids favorite things. Add their name, a pic of their pet, sport they play, or hobby. They will feel super special wearing jammies that express who they are.

Personalized Lunch Box - When I was a kid, choosing the perfect lunch box to show off your favorite things was a big deal. Sublimate their favorite things on a lunch box and they will feel 10 feet tall when they carry it to school.

Custom Dino Footprints - Dinosaurs are a favorite for many kids (of all ages). Single J's offers 3 different dino footprints that you can personalize with a childs name, a graphic of the dino that goes with the footprint, quotes in a fun prehistoric looking font. These would look really cool in sets "walking" across the wall. So many different options, all of which lead to giant smiles!

Best Kid Trophy - Every kid has the thing they are really good at. It isn't always sports, dance, etc. Personalize a trophy that highlight a kids personal strengths, hobby, etc. Their smile and joy will be priceless!

Name Puzzles - Kids love to see their names on things. You can have a custom name puzzle created "just for them" and use their favorite colors, photos of them, etc on the puzzle. It will be their favorite thing and something they will treasure always. 

Glow in the Dark Mug - Glow in the dark "anything" is pretty fun no matter what age you are. I know kids don't need a coffee mug but what about a cool glow in the dark cocoa mug with their name on it? Or a glow in the dark pencil holder for their desk with a handy handle? 

Personalized Bears, Mermaid and Cows, Unicorns, and Elephants - Give a kid a cuddly best bud to play with, snuggle, and take on adventures. Single J's offers 5 different stuffed critters with personalizable tees. Add the kiddos name and a cool graphic and give them their new best friend forever. 

These are just a few suggestions from the over 750 items Single J's carries to help you create the perfect gifts. Order today as some items have limited stock. 

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