8 Gift Ideas With Sublimation Blankets

8 Gift Ideas With Sublimation Blankets Blog Post


Blankets are a fun gift to give over the holidays. They can cuddle up in it to read their favorite book, warm up after playing outside, proudly display it on the back of their couch. 

The options for sublimation blanket themes is endless but here are 10 themes to get your started!

  1. Book Lovers Blanket - Find some fun book lover quotes on sights like Creative Fabrica and press your favorites onto a paneled blanket. They will love wrapping up in this blanket as they read their favorite new book.
  2. Grandparents Blanket - Pick out their favorite photos of all the grandbabies and press them onto a paneled blanket. There are options for 9 plus panels to press into. Grandma and Grandpa will proudly display this blanket for everyone to see and anytime someone comments on it, will get a 15 minute story about the grandkids and how blessed they are. 
  3. Pet Lover Blanket - Use photos of the recipients pet or photos of their favorite breed and cover a paneled blanket in dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. The smile on their face when they see this blanket will be priceless!
  4. For the fans - Those people who cuddle up on the couch to watch their favorite shows, the solid fleece blankets are a cozy way to stay warm. Sublimate on the corner, "This is my... watching blanket". Example: "This is my sci fi watching blanket" with some fun spaceship or alien graphics around it. 
  5. Kids artwork blanket - What is great about this gift is it can be for your favorite kiddo or their biggest art fan. Scan your kids artwork and print it out on your sublimation printer. Add it to a panel blanket, roll it up and tie it with a bright colored ribbon. The artist will be smiling ear to ear with pride when they see their artwork on a blanket. 
  6. Newlyweds blanket - Need to give a gift to someone who just got married, or is celebrating a special anniversary? Sublimate photos from their wedding onto a 9 panel blanket. 
  7. For the coffee or tea lover - Find fun graphics for their favorite beverage and press them onto a paneled blanket. It can be fun and sassy or covered in beautiful watercolor graphics. Tailor it to your recipient.
  8. My favorite things - This would be a great gift idea for any age. If your little one loves unicorns, cover a paneled blanket in the prettiest unicorn graphis you can find. Do they love dinosaurs? Cover the blanket in dinosaurs. The moon, flowers, sewing, working on cars, aliens, bigfoot...the list goes on and on. They will never forget the year you made and gave them a blanket with their favorite things on it. 

So, what are you pressing on your blanket? Be sure to share your pics in our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SublimationBuyin


Here are the links to some of Single J's Sublimation Blankets







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