Five Memorable Sublimation Gifts for Women

Finding that perfect gift for your BFF, sister, Mom, daughter, MIL, etc can sometimes be a challenge. You want it to be perfect, make them smile and something they will treasure. 

Five Memorable Sublimation Gifts For Women

Here are five sublimation gifts for women that will (possibly) leave them speechless. 

Personalized blanket - This might sound a bit obvious but there is so much you can do with a panel blanket. Add photos of a girls trip you took, pics from a concert, smiling faces of kids and family. You can also add fun, sassy, or inspirational quotes to each blank spot. They will smile from ear to ear as they cuddle up on the couch with it and feel all the warm fuzzys.

Link to blankets -

Personalized journal/notebook - There are a few different things you can do with these. You can print a cover that features their favorite hobby, dream vacation spot, quotes, their name, or photos of their favorite people. Write a personalized note on the first page so they will always remember who it is from. 

This idea might take a little more time but you can send the notebook around to friends and family to leave a message in and add photos to. Create a memory journal that will be treasured for always.

Link to journal/notebooks -

Photo Panel Keepsake - This would be fun to give to someone blank with tickets to a concert or vacation destination with a note that you will add the photos after the event. It would also be fun to put old pics from high school, wedding photos, kiddo pics or artwork, and even affirmation quotes. 

This can be folded up and kept in a bag so it is always with them too.

Link to photo panel keepsake -

Charm Necklace - There are lots of amazing and gorgeous jewelry pieces to personalize. This charm necklace looks like a pretty little globe and when you open it, there are spots for 4 photos. Add pics of the things that mean most to her heart. She will wear it with a smile and treasure it always.

Link to charm necklace -

Acrylic Lamp - Acrylic lamps are just stunning. They look like sun coming through a frosted window. Sublimate a photo that means the very most to her and she will have tears in her eyes every time she turns it on.

Link to acrylic lamp -

So, what are you going to make first? Be sure to share photos in the Facebook group. We would love to see what creative things you make!


Happy Sublimating!