Five Sublimation Gifts To Make For Teachers

Five Sublimation Gifts To Make For Teachers by Single J's Sublimation

Teacher gifts can be a fun and sometimes stressful gift to buy at the holidays. There are only so many coffee mugs a teacher needs. This is where being a creative with a sublimation printer comes in handy. You can create unique and amazing gifts for the teachers in your life and your customers. 

Here are some suggestions for gifts to make for teachers that they will love!

*Note- underlined words are links to the sublimation blanks

Sublimation Door Banner - This one might take a little coordination. Have each student in the class draw a picture for the teacher. Scan the pics and print them out with your printer and press them onto the door banners. This would also be a fun gift for a scout leader, dance instructor, sports coach, etc. Include a box of tissue because there will be tears when they open this thoughtful gift. 

Double Rainbow Stand - There are those teachers that are super special. Create a name plate for them using this double rainbow stand. Show them they are the pot of gold for you and your child.

Faux Leather Notebook - Create a graphic and press it on the cover of a faux leather notebook as a teacher gift. Cover it with teacher quotes, pics of currents students (with parental permission, of course) or the classrooms theme. 

Photo Panel Keepsake - This gift has so many potential options. There are 4 4x6 inch panels that you can add photos of the teacher and your child, fun quotes about teaching, sayings the teacher shares often, etc. 

MDF Desk Organizer - These are a lot of fun. There are two pieces that can each be customized for the teacher and then glued together. There is a space for pens, pencils, or other supplies the teacher might need and a space for her coffee cup or tumbler. It can also be where she puts pencil cup where she keeps extras, including scissors etc. You can also make a Sublimation Canister that matches the organizer. 

If you make any of these ideas, please share your photos in the Facebook Group. We would love to see them!

Happy Creating!