How Single J's buy ins can help you grow your business

So, what is a buy in anyway? A buy in is offered by a business (Single J's) giving customers a way to purchase new or popular sublimation blanks at a discounted price and free shipping. The buy in helps Single J's meet minimum requirements from vendors and helps everyone who participates the "best price". 

What is also great about a buy in is, if it is a popular product, your purchase guarantees that you get that product. It has your name on it so you don't have to hope that there are enough pieces for your orders on the Ready to Ship site. 

The downside is that you have to wait for your product to arrive. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months, however, your lower price is locked in with Single J's. If shipping costs change or customs taxes, your product price is a done deal. 

This is where planning ahead can work to help you grow your business. Since you know what you purchased in the buy in, you can do a "pre-sale" in your group, community, website, etc so that as soon as they arrive, they are already sold. You just have to sublimate and ship. Nice, right? 

Due to the nature of buy ins, there is no specific date when something is going to arrive but there is an approximate date range. Take that range and add a little time to it for your customers so you have a buffer. If the blanks arrive early and you get your orders all press ahead of schedule, you are the hero for getting their orders filled early. Win, win!

Single J's runs their buy ins for 1 -2 weeks at a time. The start on Fridays around lunchtime and end the following Thursday at 8pm est. The two week long buy ins, simply add that extra week. All closing dates are published in the listings. They are also added to the announcement section of the Facebook group. Look there if you want to see what the latest amazing sublimation products being offered are.

So, how does this help you grow your business? You save money. You KNOW the product is going to arrive to you in a fairly set timeframe. You can offer pre-sales to your customers, AND you can be one of the first to offer new sublimation products to your customers before anyone else. 

Don't miss another Single J's Buy In. You can set an alert on your phone to remind you to look each week as well so you don't miss the special pricing. 

You can check out this weeks buy in at