Online Safety Check from Jacqueline - Owner of Single J's

Online safety CHECK!

With the busiest time of year just ahead of us, here are some things to be aware of to protect you and your business.  

💥 ANYONE that says you have to pay friends and family is a RED FLAG !

💥 anyone that says if you don’t pay friends and family there will be a fee ( fees are tax deductible and a part of business)
💥 anyone who wants Facebook or only accepts cash app
💥 anyone who states once a package leaves them they are not responsible ( this is false a seller is responsible until it says delivered REGARDLESS of insurance )
💥 ANYONE posted in One stop for the good and the bad they have list of bad sellers and a handy dandy search tool. All sellers are invited to defend themselves so if the seller don’t reply it’s because they chose NOT to
💥 and just because someone is referred by someone who influences you please check out reviews, and search for other experiences.
Even Me as a supplier knows you can’t make everyone happy and people are known for being out of line petty but there are major red flag stories that should put you on high alert.
Make sure they are backed with PROOF not he said she said 🙂
And if you find red flag proof maybe you should question the influencer and their integrity.
💥 Do not check out through untrusted unprotected websites
💥 do not trust shipping invoices after purchase unless you KNOW the company well ( tons of people get scammed by policy and are shocked when the company charges 12-20$ Shipping on a 5 pound package AFTER you bought this causes mass issues and delays )
💥 Watch how a person reacts to high stress situations and handles customer care. This can save you a headache later.
💥 KNOW the companies policy
💥 do not buy equipment purges off new profiles 99% scam
💥 and don’t do business with new profiles they most likely are a scam
💥 a company can not make you pay customs on a buy in! They can cancel and refund they can raise their on hand price they can even ask you to pay for customs!
Set yourself up for success this holiday season. 
Jacqueline says STOP