Sublimation Valentine's Gift Ideas

Sublimation Gift Ideas From Single J's

The best thing about sublimation is that you can use it to make fun, unique, and amazing personalized gifts for just about every occasion. Valentine's day is no exception. 

We have put together some fun ideas for you. Be sure to share them in our Facebook Group. We love to see your creativity!

Jewelry - Jewelry seems to be one of the "go to" items for Valentine's Day.

Have you thought about creating a special piece for your teen? Add a photo of a special time or your favorite selfie. They can wear it or keep it in a special place. It might be little but it means the world! 

You could also make a charm bracelet or pendant with your favorite fur baby pic and give it to your kids, spouse, or even your groomer with a note that says, "Puppy loves you!"

Check out Single J's Jewelry selection here:

Games - You can create a custom game board for your sweetie, kids, friends.

Tic Tac Toe is popular. You can add their faces or favorite things on the X's and O's. They will love seeing something made just for them. 

Game boards are also a fun option. You can make it "adult" themed or as fun and innocent as Candy Land. 

Here is a link to the game boards:

Blankets - Make a special blanket they can cuddle in when you're not there that makes them feel loved. It could be a panel blanket or a fun sweater blanket. Add graphics of things they love and be sure to put in a special message on there too. "Made with love". It could become their favorite keepsake that they keep for always. 

Link to Single J's Blankets -

Rose - Single J's can custom cut a rose stem for you that says your sweeties name or simply "I love you". You can design the rose with a photo of the two of you together or a graphic of something they love. 

There are lots of options available. Check out the roses here:


Now is the time to get started on Valentines gifts.

Happy Mushy Mushy Love Day!