To do a Christmas Sale or Not do a Christmas Sale; that is the question

The holiday's are fast approaching. Black friday just a little over a month away. This is the time that many big box stores start to offer discounts that only get bigger on a lot of items the closer you go to December 25. 

The big question is, do you need to also run a sale on your handmade sublimation items to compete with the big box stores to get sales?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is, it depends on your customer base. 

If your customers only buy from you when your items are on sale, you may need to offer some sort of sale, especially over the cyber weekend (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday) to get their attention to buy from you. However, if you take a loss running a sale, any sale, you should raise your prices in general. 

Here is the NO answer to whether or not you should run a holiday sale. You take something that is plain and simple and turn it into something bright, colorful, personalized, and special. It takes time, skill, and experience to get really good at sublimating what you do. You are able to help your customers give something truly special and unique to someone they love. 

Chances are you are not charging as much as you could or should be for your special skillset. So, offering an additional discount could get you a sale but it won't make you money. Here is an alternative.

Offer an added bonus product or a "free gift with purchase". A free gift might cost you a dollar or 2 depending on what you offer. If you gave a 20% discount on a $30 tumbler, you would be out $6. A free gift with purchase can help you make more money over the holidays and also help to transition some customers from waiting for you to offer a sale and buying what they want, love and need NOW and getting a bonus gift they can keep for themselves or use as a gift for someone they love. 

Single J's offers a lot of really fun "added bonus products. Here is a list. Each item listed is clickable to be able to go straight to the item on the website. 

  • 1.8 inch circle - great for a "I love you coin" or a pocket token. 
  • MDF pet tags - if your customers are pet owners, these are a fun way to give them a gift for their pets. This item will not be personalized. Add a fun quote or graphic. 
  • Neoprene coasters - square or circle - There is a popular printing company out there that sends a coaster with every order. Press a graphic that your customer base will like on it, from a holiday theme to something cute or funny. 
  • MDF earrings - if you sell a lot of fashion items, a set of earrings could be that thing that makes your customer get extra excited about purchasing from you. Also, the earring pieces could be used as a pendant. Two for the cost of one!
  • Lip Balm Holder - I personally love lip balm holders for kids. If your customers are moms who buy from you a lot for their kids, these would be great!
  • Keychain - add a quote or a sassy saying. If a keychain speaks someone's truth, they are going to love buying from you to get their free gift.
  • 2 inch MDF oranment - these little mini ornaments will be wonderful promoted as Christmas gift "bling", their ornament for this year, or something that is just special. 

All of these items are under $1.50 each. You will not offer personalization for these free gifts. If your customers want something personalized, they should pay for it. 

Added bonus gift items ideas from Single Js

If you go with "added bonus gift items" for your customers this holiday and use Single J's blanks, be sure to share your photos in the group. We would love to see what you create!