Sublimation Cutting Board

Sublimation Cutting Board

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Sublimation Cutting Boards

8x 11
Trim excess blank paper from non-mirrored, printed transfers to leave 2” of white space around your cutting-board-shaped, full-bleed graphic. This makes it easier for the transfer paper and image to conform to the slightly-beveled edges of the cutting board. Use at least 1/8” bleed on each side to better ensure your graphic hits all edges.

STEP 2: Set towel/pad centered on the bottom platen of your open heat press. Then place 1 sheet of blowout paper on top of the towel/pad.

STEP 3: Lay your trimmed transfer image side up (last chance to make sure you did not mirror print the transfer.)

STEP 4: Place cutting board coated side down facing the transfer.

STEP 5: Take your time aligning the cutting board to your graphic. Secure two of the transfer’s edges to the top of the cutting board using small pieces of heat tape.

STEP 6: On the top, place over cutting board 1 sheet of blow-out paper larger than the board.

STEP 7: Close the press using Medium-Light pressure. It should not be difficult to close; you only need enough pressure to iron out any “air pockets” between the transfer and cutting board as well as get full heat contact with the top of the cutting board.

STEP 8:After 4.5 minutes, open the press slowly to reduce the vacuum effect, and remove blowout paper. Since you can see the image thru the glass, if the image appears light, close the press and heat for another 1-2 minutes.

STEP 9:With heat gloves, carefully lift the hot cutting board and place it coated side up (the opposite from the heat press) on a flat surface to cool (stainless steel work surfaces work well as do simple “cookie racks” which allow air to flow around all sides of the cutting board)

Temperature: 400 degrees, medium-light pressure

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